2023 Colors of the Year ~ Express Yourself!

2023 Colors of the Year ~ Express Yourself!

  • Team Armstrong
  • 02/6/23
Have you been waiting for a reason to go wild with color?! If you’re ready, but you feel like you need a little backing from some of the best color forecasters in the business, well this is your year! 

Even though forecasters look ahead a few years, they always have a pulse on what is going on in the world. The powers that be definitely believed we were poised to strike out with a bold sense of individuality and unapologetically stake our claim for vibrant living.

Courtesy of Graham and Brown

Join us as we dip our toes into 2023’s Colors of the Year, and you won’t even have to wash up afterwards!

Pantones Color of the Year- Viva Magenta

Setting the stage for rebellious living, this year’s color is all about striking out on your own, blazing your own path and believing in the power and beauty of self. As with all this years colors, Viva finds its origins in nature. This vibrant color is found in insects, flowers and landscape. It also signifies our need to weather the changes that have forever changed us as humans and the future of our environment. 

Use this rich color as an accent in glassware and art, soft furnishings. If you are feeling particularly bold, splash it around the dining room as an invigorating companion for spirited conversation. 

Sherwin Williams Darkroom

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams~ Darkroom

As many of the major paint companies have done this year, picking just one color can sometimes be limiting. Many companies have instead chosen to unveil a suite of colors that compliment one another and spark different moods for different occasions. 

HGTV chose Darkroom is their standout color in a collection of 10, part of the Vintage Homestead Collection.

Sherwin Williams Darkroom

Part of the 2023 Homestead Collection

I have long been an advocate for dark moody wall colors. Despite what people think, they do not make a room feel smaller, but in fact increase the expanse and always offer the chance to highlight important ideas such as art or molding or views out a window. 

We promise, once you take the step, there will be no turning back. It’s that scary good!

Valspar ~ Everglade Deck

Valspars 2023 Collection

Like many other companies, Valspar has created a warm and inviting collection of 12 colors that we feel like we could just use everywhere! We particularly love Everglade Deck. It has a  warm, weighted, welcoming vibe that just wants to wrap you up in a hug. We would love to see this color used in a library or potting shed. It marries well with all of their earthy comfortable tones and won’t go out of style. 

Backdrop’s color of the year is…….Color of the Year

Winner of the NCC Color of the Year

Ok, not really, but it was worth a try!

Well if we can’t poke fun at all of this forecasting then where would we be?

Backdrops playful answer to all this hype was a juicy, playful orange that even won color of the year from the National Color Committee ( OK, so they might have given themselves the award and the NCC might not really be a thing, but if you can’t promote yourself, who can?)
Photo courtesy of Nat Rea Photography Design by Mandeville Canyon Designs + Morr Interiors

And we are kind of excited that we might have been onto something here a number of years ago when we splashed this sunkissed color up on the walls of this four seasons porch in a sweet seaside cottage community. We dare you not to smile!

Farrow and Ball ~ Bamboozle

For the first time in four years, F+B has come out with a new collection of colors to love. We always feel like this is as hard to wait for as a new season of All Creatures Great and Small, but it’s so worth the wait!

We could love any of these colors, but if you are aching for a red with a warm organic undertone, then Bamboozle has your name on it. This shade of confident red will marry well on walls, furniture, pillows and rugs. We think that this a great starter red with a company that is sure to make you a fan for life.

Photo Courtesy of Behr

Behr ~ Blank Canvas

We all have that friend that just seems to get along well with everyone, and Blank Canvas might just be that color friend. A warm, approachable white that plays well with others and welcomes everyone. 

We talk about having “Hard Working Colors.” These are colors that can change as their surroundings and light change. We love when a green can pick up the slack as a gray or a creamy white can double as a soft yellow. 

Photo courtesy of Behr

Blank Canvas can be welcome in any room of the house as a refreshing palette cleanser or backdrop for great art!

Kate Spade Green ~ Pantone

This spring Kate Spade NY partnered with Pantone to create a signature green to celebrate the 30th anniversary. This color celebrates new beginnings, full of promise and opportunity. 

Here’s to hope.

Sherwin Williams~ Redend Point

It’s no secret that out here in the desert we are always trying to find subtle ways to bring color into a somewhat monochromatic landscape (but that’s only because we don’t see the details as well as we should!). And around here we are eating up those sweet earthy terracotta and sand colors that give a room depth without overwhelming it.

Redend Point is not just for the southwest though. Its compassionate and welcoming undertones make it a great choice for living rooms and gathering spaces. It feels at home in both daylight and the glow of night. If you are looking for a neutral with some comforting personality, Redend Point might just be on point. 

Krylon Spanish Moss

Krylon~ Spanish Moss

Rounding out our colors this year is a rich saturated green that feels at home in so many styles. Color triggers stories in our minds of places we have been, architecture we have loved and vacations we long to return to. Spanish Moss has the beautiful ability to marry many of our memories and help to create new ones as well. From Classical to Arts and Crafts, Mid-Century to Barn Industrial, this versatile shade will be welcome in on both walls and ceilings as well as built-ins and front doors. 

Play around with this color to welcome the outside in, but without all the bugs! 

Photo Courtesy of HM Collins Photography Design by Mandeville Canyon Designs

So this year invites us to come as we are….bold, beautiful, flawed, and fearless. To accept that we humans have been through a lot and it’s ok not to be ok. To reach out and take a hand, give a hug and lend a much needed ear to the stories we have endured. 

Color has the ability to transform, to heal, to energize and relax.

But remember, that all starts with us.

Color yourself Loved, because you are…




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