Proudly represented clients of these recently sold properties.

Team Armstrong and GPM, LLC Collaboration:

Team Armstrong is a full service Real estate company who provides all you need from every angle of Real estate. GPM is a full service Property Management Company who provides all you need from every angle of vacation rental management. Team Armstrong and GPM, LLC collaborate together to give the best product and service possible to all our clients.  Both companies have similar vision and yet can offer what the other cannot. We have found that we can give to our clients a better product as “Team” than separate.  Both Team Armstrong and GPM have the same ethics and business mindfulness, but both hold one thing of the highest regard and that is our customer service.   Both companies know if we take amazing care of you from the top to the bottom, from the purchase to sale, from the owner to the guest, from the production to the profit in the end you will have a winning team, product, and investment.

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You need someone who knows this area inside and out! We can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter - not to mention the essential criteria you have for your ideal home.

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